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2019 Tax Deadlines

The end of tax season is around the corner.

This year, tax filing deadline is April 15th. So get your appointments with CPAs, Online Tax Advisors, or brave the new forms yourself!

2019 Tax Rates, Deductions and 1099 Releases

Welcome to the 2019 Tax Year! Doesn’t it feel so good? The answer is always the same in taxes… it depends.

Not many major changes in the tax code when comparing 2018 to 2019. But a couple of highlights to report on. See our Tax Report from December as a guide for 2018 Tax Strategies.

Market Thoughts - Late 2018

Maintaining open lines of communication with our clients is one of our top priorities. In our most recent video seen below, George and Aaron share their thoughts on the recent market correction. Keeping perspective during turbulent times is very important; please take a listen and feel free to share with anyone you believe could benefit. 

Updates to Medicare Part B

Medicare is an area that needs to be kept up on. Potential issues are not likely to go away any time soon. Let’s be honest, no one expects health costs to go down in the near future. So with that said… how does it affect us?

2019's Social Security COLA Announced!

The time has come for another edition of Social Security Announcements. Last year, Social Security recipients received a decent bump of 2.0% and I explained a little bit more of the history of COLAs (cost-of-living-adjustments) and their relationship to Social Security HERE

The Beauty of Compound Interest

Albert Einstein once said the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest. My goal is not to have a religious discussion here haha, but rather a focus on just how incredible compound interest really is!

The 1040 Got a Makeover!

People in the office often give me a hard-time because I enjoy the process of providing tax reviews and working with client’s CPAs regarding taxes. It’s great to see a client have a "light bulb" moment when talking about taxes. They can be complicated and escape our immediate comprehension all the time.

4 Keys to Taxes on Social Security

Like many of the topics we go over regarding taxes, the taxation of Social Security income can get complicated. For many retirees, they start Social Security without even thinking about how it is going to affect their taxes until the following year. I meet with new clients all the time that can’t figure out why they owe a bigger bill at the end of the year.

Introducing: Baby Rosie

We have another VFG baby!!! 

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