Our Postings

Our Postings

The 1040 Got a Makeover!

People in the office often give me a hard-time because I enjoy the process of providing tax reviews and working with client’s CPAs regarding taxes. It’s great to see a client have a "light bulb" moment when talking about taxes. They can be complicated and escape our immediate comprehension all the time.

2018 Asset Class Returns: How Do They Stack Up?

The Veater Financial Table of Investment Returns ranks the annual performance of key asset classes over each of the last 20 years. The best asset class for a given year is listed at the top, with the lowest returning asset class listed at the bottom. As we look back on the first half of 2018, below are a few key takeaways:

Our 2 Cents On Your Emergency Fund

Something we as a firm always talk to our clients about is the importance of maintaining an emergency fund. A few questions that may surface when the words “emergency fund” are brought up.

4 Keys to Taxes on Social Security

Like many of the topics we go over regarding taxes, the taxation of Social Security income can get complicated. For many retirees, they start Social Security without even thinking about how it is going to affect their taxes until the following year. I meet with new clients all the time that can’t figure out why they owe a bigger bill at the end of the year.

Introducing: Baby Rosie

We have another VFG baby!!! 

The Art of the Deal Regarding Steel

As many of you know, in early March, 2018, President Trump ordered tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from every country excluding our neighbors to the north and south, Canada and Mexico. Many republicans quickly expressed their concerns stating a more targeted approach would be best and exemptions should be expanded among American allies.

Gift Taxes: What are they really?

Gift Taxes. What are they really?

2018 Tax Deadlines

The end of tax season is around the corner.

This year, tax filing deadline is not April 15th. I know, very exciting stuff!

The Curious Year of 2017

February marked the ending of one of the greatest stock market streaks in the investing world since the early 50s (when the modern design of the S&P 500 was implemented). Streaks are a funny thing. They don’t tell the whole story, but they are interesting to follow and do point out some interesting things to look at from a “bird’s-eye-view.”

2018 Tax Rates, Deductions, and 1099 Releases

Welcome to a New Tax Year! Doesn’t it feel so good? The answer is always the same in taxes… it depends. For some, they welcome in a year where their minimum deductions just went up by about 10-15%! For others (looking at you Californians), there may be some concern as to where some of their deductions went.

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