2020 Year-End Tax Report

October 05, 2020

One of our main goals as holistic financial professionals is to help our clients recognize tax reduction opportunities within their investment portfolios and overall financial planning strategies. Staying current on the ever-changing tax environment is a key component to help our clients benefit from potential tax reduction strategies.

2020 was an unusual year that had several major legislative bills passed that could have an impact on your taxes.  It is also a presidential election year, so investors might want to think about potential future tax strategies. Although it will take more than a change in president to enact tax laws changes, it is always wise to educate yourself in advance.  This report includes sections on possible tax law changes if there is a change in administration (based on the current proposals) and a link to notable CARES Act and SECURE Act changes that you should be aware of. The main focus of this report is on what individual taxpayers can do to potentially save money on their 2020 taxes.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) enacted in 2017 brought many changes to the tax code. One big uncertainty for all taxpayers is what will happen to the Tax Code after 2025. The way the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is set up, the changes to the corporate side of the tax code are permanent while many provisions for individuals that took effect in 2018 are currently set to expire after 2025.

The objective of this report is to share strategies that could be effective if considered and implemented before year-end.  Please note this report is not a substitute for using a tax professional. In addition, many states do not follow the same rules and computations as the federal income tax rules. Make sure you check with your tax preparer to see what tax rates and rules apply for your particular state.

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