"George, Brian, Aaron, Darren, Karen, Keri, Aleece, and the entire staff are the BEST!! I don't say that lightly either. I am not a SKEPTIC, but I do take caution with whom I discuss personal matters and especially financial. I knew that I was in good hands and made a NEW FRIEND when I first met George almost 7 years ago (time has gone right by). George, Brian and Aaron (whom I contact most often) as well as Darren are the most patient guys and also reassuring. Through our changing times and crisis conditions it was always good to know that they were there to listen and clarify any concerns. The hardest part about any investments is to find the RIGHT Financial Advisor(s). Regardless which company you use- I trust 110% to George and his Staff. Thanks always for being there and keeping my confidence!"

Ken P.

"My husband, Jim passed in 2011, and George has kept me financially safe and worry free to the ripe old age of 96.  Jim was a true Scotsman: independent and always insistent on being in control, whether financially or simply driving a vehicle or flying an airplane.  But there came a day when he wanted to be free of controlling his investments, and free to enjoy retirement. An invitation came in the mail inviting us to attend a dinner hosted by George Veater.  Just one presentation instantly convinced my beloved, stubborn Scotsman that George was honest and smart as a whip-the only person in the world that Jim would entrust with his money!  I was amazed!  Soon he made sure that George met our son, and assumed care for his investments as well. In retirement Jim and I relaxed and traveled around the U.S. in our American Eagle motor home, also spending several happy years vacationing in Mexico, leading a carefree life before Jim's heart and lungs failed. It was then that I learned how kind and protective beyond the call of duty George can be.  He has looked after me, my daughter, my son and my daughter-in-law like family.  George's staff are an extension of his wonderful family, too.  To you all, I say "Thank you, with all my heart". 


Ruth A.

When my husband died in 2016, I was emotionally devastated. Fortunately, he had put our retirement funds in accounts with the Veater Financial Group. After his death, I was too distraught to think, but even if I could think, I was never a financial person. I was an English major. Thankfully, George and his team walked me through what I had and what Veater was doing to protect what I had. I have quarterly meetings with either George Veater or Aaron McKell. They are both wonderful gentlemen, and they answer all my questions about what the market is doing, and what, if anything, I should do in response. I am so thankful my husband found this firm, and I plan to be involved with them for the rest of my life.


Lindsey W.

"Dearest Veater Team, there are simply no words to adequately express appreciation for your support, your partnership and your love. Our clan is so very grateful to travel through life with you."

Caroline F. 

"I love George and Veater Financial! He is easy to get hold of if you have any questions and will get back to you as soon as he can if he is not available when you call. Thank you George and the Veater Staff for all your hard work."

Margie F.

“We are so glad we were referred and humbled that you have taken us on. We appreciate it more than you will ever know, and can’t tell you how much of a load you’ve taken off of us by agreeing to manage our money. I am a true believer that God puts people in your path for a reason. So happy our paths have crossed and we look forward to what the future brings!” 

Patty O.

"Dear Kevin, I was going to stop by to give you a hug in the next couple of days, but weather has pinned me down. Needless to say, I was elated when my CPA telephoned me with the news I was getting a $70,000 refund plus not having to pay any estimated tax this year. Even though the government had my money for an entire year, it was such a weird circumstance that I had made my peace with it and moved on. I do want to say thank you so many times over for your industrious efforts to see that this all came to pass. Hugs..."


Marian A. 

I am a happy client of Veater Financial. I can always rely on an honest accurate response to my financial inquiries about my 401K account. It is an honor to know these wonderful men and women. My God bless our investments through this wonderful team and their efforts.

Kelly B.

"Veater Financial is great to work with. Everyone I have dealt with is very professional and treats you like they want to be treated."

Sandy R.

"In my mid-twenties I became interested in building assets for the future. I was choosing my own stocks and mutuals and enjoyed doing so. As a hobby which offered financial benefits, it was interesting and sometimes fun. Eventually, my interest waned a bit and I stuck with a handful of mutual funds. Many years later, my independent-minded father surprised me by telling me that he had turned over his investment strategies to one George Veater and his then small staff. As the luster of trading my own mutuals had faded, I decided to do the same.

This turned out to be a wise move. George and his people are not only like a family, but we clients are also made to feel like family. We even hosted George and Aaron in our home when they drove to Tahoe and visited us.It is gratifying to have trustworthy and honest people doing the legwork of investment for us. The family-like relationships extend to the Veater picnics, dinners and so on. They are generous in offering thanks to their clients though these events, holiday gifts and the great conversations during their consultations. Because we live far from Fresno, the consults are by phone, but they are always friendly and enlightening, like talking to an old friend you don't get to see in person too often.

Many people are understandably wary of financial consultants, unsure whether their interests will be reliably served ahead of the interests of the consultants or their firm. The Veater folks are clearly good, honest people working hard to take care of our retirement assets, growing them as efficiently as the economy will allow, and caring for us like friends in the bargain."

Steven A. 

"My wife and I joined Veater Financial Group in 2008 after attending one of George's seminars. I was very impressed with his financial knowledge and focus on personal attention to all his clients. We have been extremely happy with our choice and he and his staff have been true to their word of attention to each client, face to face meetings each quarter, and consistency in growth of our investments.

He and his staff have seen us through the recession of 2008 and the rough times of COVID and other times as well as the good times. Many of my friends, family and colleagues have joined Veater Financial and they all have been happy with the results.

They are a full service firm who can provide tax strategies as well as help with setting up special investments for education accounts, etc. Their staff is very friendly and responsive to any of our needs and questions. I have worked with other financial advisors and Veater Financial is by far the best in my opinion."

Mark R.

"We are so very happy that we are with Veater Financial Group. When we have questions or concerns, we call right away and we are taken very good care of. We would recommend Veater Financial Group to our friends and family so they can see how wonderful and caring this group is. Great job."


A. & E. Garcia 

My wife and I have been fortunate enough to find the Veater Financial Group which has the knowledge and expertise to help us navigate today's volatile financial market place and secure our retirement funds and future. As a famous card player once said, 'You have to know when to hold'em and know when to fold'em.' and the folks on the Veater team have that skill that has kept our funds safe and secure for a number of years."

Larry T.

Non compensated client testimonials; may not be representative of all client experiences; no guarantee of future performance or success. 

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