Outside the Office: Keri

June 15, 2016

In the office, you may know Keri as our administrative assistant, lover of The Walking Dead and all things brightly colored!

Outside the office, Keri Rodrigues has recently picked up a new hobby…biking! She has biked as a kid before (decades ago), but is trying to create a more consistent habit in an effort to more fully enjoy her time exercising. While shopping for a new bike, she was the type who had to look around at every bike store in town, ride every bike, ask tons of questions and still not be able to make a decision. After about a month and a half of research, she decided on a new Trek Dual Sport 8.3 DS (in lime green of course!) and her husband Ernie got a matching one in black.

The DS Series is the ultimate hybrid: part refined city bike, part adventurous trail ride. (Sounds pretty similar to our Keri: part refined city and part adventurous country!) She is still learning how to utilize all of the various gears, but so far has really enjoyed it and has only been involved in one minor tumble that you can read about first hand below J

“I hopped on my bike to ride it to the front door of our office when Karen asked if I was going to jump the curb. Of course I say “no” but my brain says well…”why not!”

I get a little bit of air under my bike but apparently not enough air so I proceeded to summersault and fly in slow motion into the sidewalk. Of course, I had to save my pretty face so I used my elbows as crash barrels. I'm sure it was caught in some video somewhere! Karen asked if I was hurt and although I'm a little scratched up, my pride is what is hurt most. But I will jump that curb someday…mark my words!”